I love my new Apple Watch series 3 so much ……UPDATED



My new Apple Watch series 3 was delivered yesterday.  I wasn’t expecting to love it.  That may seem like an odd statement coming from an apple fan boy like me, whose owned EVERY iPhone every iPad every Apple Watch and several macs.  But bear with me ill explain……

As I said I’ve owned every Apple Watch since the original

I’m sorry I had the original

I skipped series 1 and went straight to series 2

now I have series 3. The cellular version Not that I ever have a desire to make phone calls on it but I wanted to be able to receive notifications messages etc.  when my phone wasn’t with me.

Now that being said the Apple Watch is the only Apple product that I didn’t totally love….and here’s why.

I have tattoos, lots of tattoos, including on both my wrists.  Now its no secret its been we’ll publicized on the web.  You may have heard the phrase tattoogate.

Anyone who knows anything about Apple Watch knows that it will automatically lock if it thinks its off your wrist Apple did that for security reasons due to Apple Pay  I wouldn’t want anyone to be able to use my stored Apple Pay card and neither did apple

So they made the watch require a passcode and wrist detection in order to use Apple Pay

So until now I had to make a choice.  I could use Apple Pay on my watch BUT I had to put up with not getting my notifications because my watch would keep locking itself OR….

I could receive all of my notifications but I couldn’t use Apple Pay because turning off the passcode requirement or wrist detection automatically removed my card.

Now what I discovered,by accident, yesterday is that turning off wrist detection on the series 3 watch does NOT remove my card from Apple Pay. I still have the option to use it

I double click the side button to activate Apple Pay just like everyone else but it will ask for my 4 digit passcode for security reasons. It’s not perfect not as fast and probably isn’t the way Apple intended it to work, I say that because as far as I know no one has reported on it.  BUT IT DOES WORK!!!!!

After talking to Adam from the maccast yesterday and having a friend of mine with a series 2 ⌚️ run a little test for me I realized that its due to watch os4 not exclusive to the series 3 watch

So now anyone with an Apple Watch capable of running os4, that has a problem using Apple Pay because of tattoos DOES NOT have that problem anymore

So that was my discovery and that’s why I now totally love my Apple Watch !!

Ok now that I’ve let you in on that secret.  If you were paying attention to the screenshots at the top of this post You already know that I have an iPhone X and I’m amused with the animoji

its a stupid little fun gimmick and the pig seems to be the favorite of my friend Todd McCann who produces the Trucker dump podcast.

Ive had my iPhone X since I got off the road Monday. I actually received it on launch day (since I was up at 0301 on October 27th, the moment preordering went live.)

but because of my job as a truck driver I wasn’t here to receive it until monday

My buddies in the itruckers slack group have already heard all of this (if you’re a trucker with a love for apple you should consider joining us send an email to itruckers@icloud.com)

but for the rest of you ill share my favorite features and thoughts about it here.

I was really bummed that the black color option on the iPhone 7 was no longer available

so I had to order the space gray…to my surprise and delight the space gray model looks black I attribute that to the glass on the back It’s not alu minium anymore😜😜 However the color doesn’t really matter because I immediately put it in a black case so I wouldn’t risk breaking the glass.

Physically its a lot smaller than the iPhone plus It’s more like the size of the iPhone 7 or 8 however because apple ditched the home button and was able to all but completely get rid of the bezels The OLED screen is actually the same size as I was used to on the plus

According to apple it’s actually bigger (5.8” as opposed to 5.7”) & that OLED screen is amazing You just have to see it

The only downside so far is that I want to keep trying to press the home button but like I said its not there I’m sure ill get used to that.

I was really concerned about giving up Touch ID in my home button I’m over it

Face ID works amazingly well & its extremely fast All of my applications that allowed me to log in with Touch ID now work with face ID, just like Apple promised they would.

Another big concern I had is that I would hate the notch at the top of the screen but that turned out to be a non issue I hardly ever notice it.

Initial setup was amazingly fast and easy It works similar to the way you pair an Apple Watch to your iPhone

You still have the raise to wake function or now you can tap the screen to wake it up(like Apple Watch)

The speakers are louder, not that I would listen to it that way I normally use my AirPods. But I could

Control center is no longer a swipe up from the bottom of the screen Apple had to move it because a swipe up from the bottom of the screen is the replacement for the home button It is now accessed by swiping down from the top on the right horn🤘🏻

Speaking of the bottom of the home screen there is now a shortcut for the flashlight and the camera at the bottom of the screen they are accessible using 3D Touch.

In conclusion as has already been said by rene Ritchie over at imore.com

The iPhone X is the best damn product apple has ever made



@toddmccann trucker dump podcast

Rene Ritchie from imore

For more information go to imore.com

Adam at the maccast




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